upgrade from mitaka - followed RDO- no cells and errors. [closed]

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followed RDO upgrade instructions (https://www.rdoproject.org/install/up...) to try upgrade to newton from mitaka......... ouch. after fighting things like no lbaas. finally got to a few pymysql errors about cell0.... reading about cell0 nova-manage cell_v2 should set this up... following the dev guide here and running into errors(which btw nova-manage cell_V2 create_cell does not exist): https://docs.openstack.org/developer/...

I have tried to set this up and encounter errors and nothing will power on in the stack....

Someone please help me figure this out.

i have created a db called nova_api_cell0 and granted user nova_api permissions to this db. I cannot get it to populate this table with any data....

keep getting duplicate row for map_cell0 and simple_cell_setup says i am setup....

[root@controller openstack_scratch]# nova-manage cell_v2 simple_cell_setup --transport-url rabbit://rabbit_user:rabbit_pass@rabiit_host:5671/
Already setup, nothing to do.
[root@controller openstack_scratch]# 

[root@controller openstack_scratch]#  nova-manage db sync
ERROR: could not access cell mapping database - has api db been created?
[root@controller openstack_scratch]#

nova hypervisor list has entries and the cell_mappings table has nova_api_cell0 (from newton manual) and a db mapping....

update i finally got this together, it was a rabbit mq error, had the wrong user and queue cell0 creates correctly after rdo upgrade and nova errors, drop the nova api db and let it recreate py running packstack with your old answer file. it will create a nova_api_cell0 db as described.

packstack tries to put guest guest as the credentials for the mq. changing this solved my issues after a nova restart.

Finally got most things working after pushing this to ocata instead of newton.....

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