Previously working node fails to PXEboot after reinstall

asked 2017-02-25 16:18:13 -0600

Openstack Community,

I am building a test environment on 2 Dell Optiplex 980's and one Optiplex 7010. (The 7010 was set as the Controller and the 980's as the compute nodes). My fuel master node is running on a laptop Dell Latitude E6400. I originally had the environment working and fully deployed using openstack 10. I then decided to downgrade to openstack 9.0 to use the VMsphere plugin. After downgrading and reinstalling Fuel on the master node, one of the Optiplex 980's and the Optiplex 7010 will no longer PXEboot.

I have tried:

  • Running tcpdump on the fuel master node during the boot process which showed no requests from the slave node.
  • Returning to openstack 10
  • Wiping the drives on all the computers and re installing Openstack.
  • Setting the BIOS to the recommended version.
  • To verify PXEboot was still functioning, I tested both computers with windows server 2016, and they PXE boot just fine.

Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated.

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