Devstack & ODL integration does not seems to connect with br-ex as controler of the ODL

asked 2017-02-22 00:13:47 -0600

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Hi I am trying to integrate ODL as external OVS manager and network controller but I could not mange to connect br-ex as ODL_BRIDGE_MAPPING with public interface eth2,

ovs vsctl show:- Manager "tcp:" is_connected: true Manager "ptcp:6641:" is_connected: true Bridge br-int Controller "tcp:" is_connected: true fail_mode: secure Port br-int Interface br-int type: internal Port "tap95af7f98-35" Interface "tap95af7f98-35" type: internal Bridge br-ex Port br-ex Interface br-ex type: internal Port "eth2" Interface "eth2" ovs_version: "2.5.0"

also it is creating two managers when I create network shown below:-

. openrc admin admin openstack network create admin-external --external --provider-network-type flat --provider-physical-network public --provider-physical-network physnet1 openstack subnet create ext-subnet --network admin-external --allocation-pool start=,end= --no-dhcp --gateway --subnet-range openstack router create ext-rtr openstack router set ext-rtr --external-gateway admin-external openstack network create admin-internal --internal openstack subnet create vx-subnet --network admin-internal --subnet-range --dns-nameserver neutron router-interface-add ext-rtr vx-subnet

Is there any one face the same issues and would like to get some answers please!

Kind Regards, Rahul

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answered 2017-06-05 02:44:51 -0600

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Vinoth Need your help here. How this issue can be solved where internet is not working after physical intf mapped to ovs br

Suresh Nagaraj gravatar imageSuresh Nagaraj ( 2017-06-05 04:19:49 -0600 )edit

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