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triple-o deploy hyperconverged ceph on a single nic with vlans?

asked 2017-02-21 12:16:49 -0600

Tiago Batista gravatar image

Hello all,

I am trying to deploy openstack using tripleo. My current deployment command looks like this:

openstack overcloud deploy --templates /home/research/openstack-tripleo-templates -e openstack-tripleo-templates/environments/enable-swap-partition.yaml -e openstack-tripleo-templates/environments/network-isolation.yaml -e openstack-tripleo-templates/environments/hyperconverged-ceph.yaml -e openstack-tripleo-templates/environments/storage-environment.yaml -e uw-customizations/node-settings.yaml --neutron-network-type vxlan --neutron-tunnel-types vxlan --control-scale 1 --compute-scale 2

I am using the stable templates for the newton release from git, and those node-settings only deal with the network addressing for now (I know I will have later problems, but one step at a time!).

However, when I finish the deployment, my compute nodes do not have a port on the storage management vlan, something essential to run an OSD.

Looking at the hyperconverged-ceph.yaml file, it reads as if it would add a port on the compute node, however that vlan is missing from the final deployment.

reading network/config/single-nic-vlans/compute.yaml I think I can edit it to get the needed vlan, but I am not sure this is the recommended way to do it.

Anyone with more experience has advice on this?

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answered 2017-03-13 09:04:29 -0600

nuriel77 gravatar image

updated 2017-03-20 07:55:36 -0600


You should be able to edit the network/config/single-nic-vlans/compute.yaml and add the vlan as you mentioned. First define in "parameters":

    default: 40
    description: Vlan ID for the storage mgmt network traffic.
    type: number

And then in resources add the vlan:

              type: vlan
              vlan_id: {get_param: StorageMgmtNetworkVlanID}
                  ip_netmask: {get_param: StorageMgmtIpSubnet}
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