"get images" needs 8 seconds - to be expected?

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Other folks in my department are bringing up an openstack infrastructure to be used to mange virtual machines for internal development tests.

I started working with their current "inofficial" server (which runs OpenStack "Kilo"). I followed this tutorial at (https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/a...) that explains how to use python and its shade module for connecting to open stack clouds. Working fine after some initial hickups.

That clould instance is still in "beta"; only a fraction of the planned users are on it today. They only have ~200 images in that cloud. But: "login" takes 2 seconds, and a simple "get images" returning those 200 entries needs 8+ seconds.

Now I am wondering: is that "normal"; or an indication that some internal configuration thing is really wrong? Or some other kind or problem?

So: if you think "this is not normal" - how would one approach such issues?

If this is "normal" ... do numbers grow linear here? What to expect when we have 500 or more images in our setup?

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