Openstack - Ansible Network configuration changes

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently following the OSA deployment guide in order to deploy OpenStack using 2 physical machines, 1 acting as deployment host/infrastructure Control plane host (infra1) and the other as a compute host (compute1). Both of these machines are attached to a public network ( and have internet access via this network. My questions for this implementation are towards the configuration files.

1)Since the examples say that the system reaches Internet access through the management network, then I thought that for the scheme to meet my network settings, I need to change the configuration settings for the management network and replace the network with Is this correct? If not what do I do to configure my machines according to the deployment network plan but using the IP address range I was assigned? (P.S. I can't change IP address scheme).

2)Since I won't be using a separate storage node and just let the infrasctrucure node (infra1) do the storage operations,do I assign storage network address for the storage bridge (br-storage) or not?

3)I noticed that in the openstack_user_config.yml file, there is a section called used_ips which is something like this:

used_ips: - "," - "," - "," - ","

3)If (1) is correct I guess I have to change the first line with the addresses of my network. But if that's the case then problem is that I can't use the address range - because alot of these address are alocated for ohter machines. I personally was assigned just 2 host addresses for infra1 and for compute1 node. So with that in mind, should I just put the addresses I just use or just put - regardless of these addresses being available or not? By the way would I need so many addresses for the management network (.1 - .50)?

Can anyone help with these problems? Thank you for your time in advance.

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