Packstack Newton configuration with VLAN interface

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I am trying to install a Packstack Newton in my LAB and I am having a big problem with the network because I don't understand how it should be configured the physical network.

So, I am using Packstack Newton, installed in Centos 7.3. I have 3 servers (1 controller with 2 computes) I am attaching a image to have a better understanding of the scenario.

The idea is that I can't figure out how the physical interface, that will be connected in the external bridge, should be configured.

All the interfaces for controller and computers are connected in a HP Switch that has the ports in trunk mode. I need to use VLAN 150. I have the interface em1 used for management and configured with VLAN in em1.150

The problems that I have is how to configure the physical interface em2: 1. Should I create em2.150 and add the VLAN and IP details and create the external network as a flat network? How should I have the answer file in this case? or 2.Should I let the interface unconfigured and create the external network from openstack as a VLAN network?


Thanks in advance, Razvan

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If tenants (say 10 ) are segregated via VLAN IDs (10 -20 ) then Switch connecting Compute and Controller Node should have ports in trunk mode accepting vlan IDs 10,..,20. Say external network has VLAN ID 150. Another ports on switch should be tuned to to provide traffic tagged 150.

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Having external vlan tag among tenat's segregating interval doesn't look to me as a good idea

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This post was tested on RDO Mitaka
I would expect it to work same way on RDO Newton. External network provider of VLAN type
should be invoked. All details are in link referenced above. Actually , it is post packstack configuration
regarding external networks set up of VLAN type. Packstack cares only about VLAN tenant's
segregation connecting Controller to Compute Nodes at best.
See also

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Thank you for this. I will try to add the vlan ranges in the answer file and do a redeploy.

I will update the thread with more info.

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I did ITTTTT :D :D :D I am so glad I manage to solve it. Thanks for all the help

I will share my answer file, for others.



And then created the external network using "physnet-external" with VLAN and 150 for Segmentation ID.

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