Restricting volume attachment using policies

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Restricting volume attachment using policies

I'm running a Newton setup where I'm trying to restrict the volume attachment actions using Nova's policy file.

I want to check for both the VM ownership as well as the volume ownership, so that users should be unable to attach volumes if they aren't the owner of both the VM and the volume.

I came up with the following policy.json content:

    "admin_or_user": "is_admin:True or user_id:%(user_id)s",

    "os_compute_api:servers:delete": "rule:admin_or_user",

    "os_compute_api:os-volumes-attachments:create": "rule:admin_or_user",
    "os_compute_api:os-volumes-attachments:delete": "rule:admin_or_user"

Unfortunately neither of my intended restrictions for volume attachment seem to be working. This means, a user is still able to attach volumes that they not own as well as attach volumes to VMs that aren't their VM. In contrast, the policy restriction for "os_compute_api:servers:delete" is working just fine: users can now only delete their own VMs, not other belonging to the same project anymore.

I did some digging into the code and found an interesting difference: (

def _delete(self, context, req, instance_uuid):
    instance = self._get_server(context, req, instance_uuid)
    context.can(server_policies.SERVERS % 'delete',
                target={'user_id': instance.user_id,
                        'project_id': instance.project_id})

For the VM delete action, the "user_id" is retrieved from the VM instance and thrown into the policy check. However, the same does not apply for the volume attachment: (

def create(self, req, server_id, body):
    """Attach a volume to an instance."""
    context = req.environ['nova.context']
    context.can(va_policies.POLICY_ROOT % 'create')

In this case neither the VM instance's "user_id" nor the volume's "user_id" are retrieved and added as "target" to the policy check.

I modified the code and added a log output for the context dict object. It seems that in the case for the volume attachment the "user_id" value defaults to the logged in user's for both policy checks, essentially circumventing my planned restrictions because the "user_id" values will always match.

Is this some limitation within the code or general design of the volume attachment policies or is there some other approach that has to be taken here?

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answered 2017-02-20 03:51:12 -0600

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I got an answer on the mailing list about this.

Apparently, although they are/were partly implemented in some components, policies on user level were never intended. Policies in OpenStack are meant to be enforced at project level. See this related bug report:

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