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I'm trying to use an instance (VM-02) to route traffic to another instance (VM-01). The float IP( of the VM-02 is the default gateway of the clients.

The problem is when a client( try to reach internet, the traffic outs by the vrouter ip ( The behaivour that I spect is that the traffic be routed to the VM-01.

The machines have the following configuration: VM-01 eth0: eth1: Float: (out internet)

VM-02 eth0: Float: (client's gateway) eth1:

I disabled port security at all ports to permit that the instances route traffic.


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answered 2017-02-28 12:41:02 -0600

You need to setup ip forwarding and ip masquerading on the gateway instance for this to work.

Ensure that your /etc/sysconfig/network has forwarding set to YES and the GATEWAY set as the floating ip.

You can use the route command to do this for you using:

bash route add default gw <FLOATING_IP> <INTERFACE_NAME>

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