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Question about ceilometer polling services

asked 2017-02-13 07:27:24 -0500

xiongyw gravatar image


I am new to openstack/ceilometer...

After installing the following openstack (newton) ceilometer polling related packages on one node,

  • openstack-ceilometer-polling
  • openstack-ceilometer-central
  • openstack-ceilometer-ipmi
  • openstack-ceilometer-compute

it seems each of them creates a systemd service:


Looking into the service unit files, it seems central/ipmi/compute are all invoking the same script come with the "openstack-ceilometer-polling" package, which means all 4 services use the same script, just with additional namespace parameters.

My question is, on my single node, if I want to have all 3 polling agents enabled, how to start these 4 systemd services? Or put it in other words, what's the relation among these 4 services (are their dependency or mutually exclusive or some other relationship)?

Thanks, /bruin

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answered 2017-02-21 03:57:18 -0500

xiongyw gravatar image

It seems the script "/usr/bin/ceilometer-polling" takes an optional argument "--polling-namespaces" (and another optional argument --pollster-list) in CLI. so "openstack-ceilometer-polling" service specifis no options, then using default values (which is ['compute', 'central'] as pdb shows); and the rest use their specific name spaces. so my current conclusion is that either we enable "openstack-ceilometer-polling" service using the default namespaces; or enable some of the rest systemd services we need. enable both "openstack-ceilometer-polling" service and other services may be not the expect usages.

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