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I've finished the installation of openstack in the first node, where all services are running.

I'm using centos7 and I installed everything with rdo.

I've configured cinder,glance and nova to use a remote glusterfs filesystem. In the node everything is mounted properly:

cinder: /var/lib/cinder/mnt/9e3fca4e0e8afc61915b53d5c2f9c808
glance: /mnt/gluster/glance
nova: /mnt/gluster/nova

The volume creation is working properly, but the problem is when I'm trying to attach the volume to the instance. The volume is attached properly (no errors) but the instance is not able to power on.

Checking the libvirt.xml, I noticed that the field "source file" is generated wrongly.

source file="/var/lib/nova/mnt/9e3fca4e0e8afc61915b53d5c2f9c808/volume-5d2e5fa7-e6c6-439e-8f0d-b12addcae38c

When it should be

source file="/var/lib/cinder/mnt/9e3fca4e0e8afc61915b53d5c2f9c808/volume-5d2e5fa7-e6c6-439e-8f0d-b12addcae38c

Instead of /var/lib/nova, it should be /var/lib/cinder/.

Could you help me? Please let me know if you need the configuration files.

Thanks in advance Pazzeo

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hi there. is this still a problem you're facing? if so, please leave information about what you've tried in order to fix it and your config files in the comments.

mary_grace gravatar imagemary_grace ( 2017-12-14 17:14:21 -0600 )edit