Create/add additional CIDR for public IP pool

asked 2017-02-07 16:36:56 -0600

kvasko gravatar image

updated 2017-05-30 09:37:53 -0600

rbowen gravatar image

This deployment was done by Fuel 9.0. I am out of floating IPs that I defined in my Floating Network Parameters. I am wanting to add more IPs but there is no obvious way to do this through Fuel. I found this article but that seems really complex for what seems like such a seemingly simple task. Every other method I have found is some hack where you create your network and subnet and then use a pool IP from the original pool to make the external network access available to the new IP pool.

Is there not a simple method of making more IPs available for my public ip pool with Fuel in the mix? If I start changing the configuration of neutron if I redeploy (e.g. adding more nodes) it will overwrite that configuration.


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