Horizon error when launching instance in Legacy Mode

asked 2017-01-30 08:11:41 -0500

Damian Dąbrowski gravatar image

updated 2017-02-02 09:19:59 -0500

rbowen gravatar image


Because of this bug in horizon I've switched launch instance view to legacy mode (LAUNCH_INSTANCE_LEGACY_ENABLED = "legacy").

But after this I can't create any new instance. Horizon returns this error:

Danger: There was an error submitting the form. Please try again.

In NG mode(new type of view) all works fine. Do You know if there is any workaround for this problem?

I'm attaching changes in OpenStack logs during attempt to launch instance(tail -f nova/* glance/* cinder/* keystone/* neutron/* apache2/error.log): https://ctrlv.it/txt/14828/161597550

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