overcloud deploy fails for overcloud-ComputeAllNodesValidationDeployment

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Trying to deploy an overcloud using redhat openstack 8. It keeps failing on the compute node. the controller node seems ok.

I have created local copies of the controller and compute yaml files, we will use bonding and vlans on our external connections. Both the controller and compute servers will have external IPs.

One think that I notice is the IP address of the compute server does not get set correctly. the bond is created correctly and the vlan is tagged correctly on the bond. the IP address that keeps using is that of the provisioning network. I even went so far to copy the controller.yaml file to the compute.yaml file. Same result, the IP address of the external vlan was wrong.

Here is the network-environment.yaml file I am using

[stack@ostack4-director templates]$ more network-environment.yaml 
 OS::TripleO::Compute::Net::SoftwareConfig: /home/stack/templates/nic-configs/compute.yaml
 OS::TripleO::Controller::Net::SoftwareConfig: /home/stack/templates/nic-configs/controller.yaml


 # The IP address of the EC2 metadata server. Generally the IP of the Undercloud
 # Gateway router for the provisioning network (or Undercloud IP)
 DnsServers: [""]


 # Leave room for floating IPs in the External allocation pool
 ExternalAllocationPools: [{'start': '', 'end': ''}]
 InternalApiAllocationPools: [{'start': '', 'end': ''}]
 TenantAllocationPools: [{'start': '', 'end': ''}]
 StorageAllocationPools: [{'start': '', 'end': ''}]
 StorageMgmtAllocationPools: [{'start': '', 'end': ''}]

 InternalApiNetworkVlanID: 201
 StorageNetworkVlanID: 3903
 StorageMgmtNetworkVlanID: 203
 TenantNetworkVlanID: 204

 ExternalNetworkVlanID: 3020
 # Set to the router gateway on the external network
 # Set to "br-ex" if using floating IPs on native VLAN on bridge br-ex
 NeutronExternalNetworkBridge: "br-ex"

 # Customize bonding options if required
 BondInterfaceOvsOptions: "bond_mode=active-backup"

Any suggestions?



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