How do I retrospectively apply a QOS policy to some in-use cinder volumes?

asked 2017-01-25 06:58:25 -0600

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I've followed this blog about applying QOS to cinder volumes backed by Ceph:

The QOS policy gets applied to any new volumes created using this new volume-type. Existing volumes can be 'retyped' to the new type, only if they are not in-use:

ERROR: Invalid input received: Retype cannot change front-end qos specs for in-use volume

Additionally, since I have some volumes created using the volume-type before the QOS policy was attached, those volumes do not get the QOS policy until after they are rebuilt.

How can I apply a retrospective QOS policy to all existing volumes with ZDT (0 down time) for those volumes?

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Hi, did you get any workaround here?

heena gravatar imageheena ( 2017-07-19 03:00:25 -0600 )edit