All-in-one openstack installation fails

asked 2017-01-24 01:39:17 -0600

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When I tried to install the all-in-one openstack package, I received below error message.

Notice: /Stage[main]/Neutron::Db::Sync/Exec[neutron-db-sync]/returns: oslo_db.exception.DBError: (pymysql.err.InternalError) (1061, u"Duplicate key name 'uniq_ports0standard_attr_id'") [SQL: u'ALTER TABLE ports ADD CONSTRAINT uniq_ports0standard_attr_id UNIQUE (standard_attr_id)']

Able to login into dashboard but still installation has not completed. Can you please help me on this?

Regards, Loges

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answered 2017-02-06 14:27:51 -0600

hyde0817 gravatar image

What os are installing on?

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I am also facing the same issue. I am trying this on CentOS 7.

pp_wh gravatar imagepp_wh ( 2018-03-02 00:23:07 -0600 )edit

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