swift: builder vs ring files

asked 2017-01-22 05:21:52 -0500

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we're running a cluster with 4 nodes and on each node there is a different version of the *.builder files. - I am guessing somebody changed the ring files on one node and then made a change on a different node and so on without copying the *.builder files on the others. Since the build version is different, it is difficult to say which is the version from which the ring files were last built.

are the *.builder files created/updated each time there's a change in the ring files? Would updating the rings on a node with an older version of the builder file automatically update the builder file to a "good version" ? - assuming I am adding/removing all the disks i want to have in my config.

What would be best practices to manage ring updates? should the builder files be kept on all storage nodes ? - or is it better to keep them only on the node where you make ring changes.

Sorry if there are a lot of questions, but I am just looking for some description on the role of the builder files and what would happen if they are lost.

Thank you.

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