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I have openstack environment with neutron as network.For 6 months it worked well.All VMs were getting Private and Public IPs,There is no any issue relevant to qrouter and qdhcp namespace.

All tenant networks work well except of two.As we attach floating IP to VM that floating IP state show "active" and when we search same ip on specific qrouter namespace we found it present and listing iptable rules show everything ok with SNAT/DNAT. Private network gateway entry and its NIC do present as "up" in same qrouter namespace but VM is not accessible, security groups are in place.VM are deployed via Image. All SSH/RDP services are in running and selinux and firewall rules are in place in VM Images.

services of qdhcp and qrouter are running.It has been observed that sometimes we do face floating ip state down after attachment of to private NIC in malfunctioning Private networks so there is no entry of floating ip in qrouter namespace. We are using Liberty Packstack version. For temporary basis we attach same private netowrk NIC to another router which resolves this issue.

Any help will be appreciatable.Thanks in Advance

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