Horizon create image source type issue

asked 2017-01-19 02:16:18 -0600

Sunny gravatar image

In Horizon dashboard -> COMPUTE -> Images -> Create Image, there's only "File" but no "URL" source type to choose.

I can find solution for single node packstack script installation, but not my current setup.

This time I'm following the Openstack document "OpenStack Installation Tutorial for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS" (I have not enough points to post links...) to build the test bed.

P.S.: My setup is exactly the same as it says (except for the provider network IP address) in a VMware ESX server with "Controller", "Compute" & "Block Storage" nodes.


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Hi Sunny, Could you please share your solution for single node packstack that's having the same issue, that the URL option isn't available/showing? Thank you so much.

Win gravatar imageWin ( 2017-03-05 15:49:22 -0600 )edit
Sunny gravatar imageSunny ( 2017-03-08 22:26:57 -0600 )edit