Unable to extend root volume of instance

asked 2017-01-19 01:36:31 -0500

atsushi2550 gravatar image


I have problem to extend root volume of instance.
The procedure I tried is below.

Stop instance
1. set volume state form In-use to Available
2. extend volume from 5G to 10G
3. set volume state from Available to In-Use
4. Start Instance

After that, I login Instance.
Then I tried to resize partition.
But drive of /dev/vda is still 5GB, so I can't extend drive.

Storage node lvm cinder-volume is changed to 10GB successfully,
But only 5GB is checked from instance.

Could you provide workaround to this problem?

My openstack version is newton, and operating system is ubuntu 16.04 lts.
Instance os is ubuntu trusty 14.04 LTS 64 bit, ubuntu cloud image for amd64.


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