Not able to ping to floating ip from external or controller

asked 2017-01-18 08:57:07 -0600

srik1782 gravatar image

Hi, I am using Openstack Mitaka release. My setup consists of One Openstack Controller and One Openstack Compute Node. My compute node is configured with OVS-DPDK. I am using openvswitch driver and installed Neutron Openvswitch agent on the Compute Node. I am able to launch a VM on the Compute. I have two issues here:

  1. This one is strange one. I am able to get IP address to the VM with single interface. If I have two interfaces for the VM, I am able to get the IP address to the first interface. To get the IP address for the second one, need to re-start neutron-openvswitch-agent in controller and compute respectively. Can any one have any clue?
  2. After getting IP address successfully, I assigned a floating IP to the same interface. But, that floating ip is not reachable from controller or external ip. I can't see any error messages in neutron related logs. Do I need to configure anything specific to floating ip or OVS - DPDK in neutron configuration?

Thanks for your help.

Regards, Srikanth.

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