The requested URL /horizon was not found on this server

asked 2017-01-16 05:49:41 -0500

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I am following official OpenStack installation guide for Newton on Ubuntu 16.04 from this link (

All other services are running fine but horizon is not accessible. after service apache2 reload , I am getting following error on browser on http://controller/horizon

The requested URL /horizon was not found on this server

Apache server is accessible at http://controller

Just to add, I cannot find any horizon related file in apache2 configurations and logs.

#find /etc/apache2/ -name *horizon* 
 (returns nothing.)
# ls /var/log/apache2/
access.log  error.log  keystone_access.log  keystone.log  other_vhosts_acces

How do I setup/access dashboard on Ubuntu 16.04 with OpenStack Newton? (Keystone, Nova, Compute, Glance and Neutron were properly configured and tested following the same guide)

My file is given at below link:


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