Cannot create a project

asked 2017-01-12 09:37:04 -0500

anonymous user


Being newby i tried to create a project (as here: ( :

openstack project create --domain default \ --description "Service Project" service

but got an error:

Expecting to find domain in user - the server could not comply with the request since it is either malformed or otherwise incorrect. The client is assumed to be in error. (HTTP 400)

OS is ubuntu 16.04. Please show where to dig.

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answered 2017-01-17 17:15:27 -0500

sumant-murke gravatar image

Most probably you do not have domain created called default you can create by running openstack domain create --description "Default Domain" default

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answered 2017-01-19 08:55:00 -0500

Elena gravatar image

Thank you, but my error was much more primitive. I run "admin-openrc" file as non-admin user. Then I used command "sudo openstack ..." but didn't realize that variables from "admin-openrc" file are not visible in this environment. Excuse me my poor English.

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