How to install Python Shade in a CentOS Juno/Mitaka environment?

asked 2017-01-11 07:29:19 -0600

devops035 gravatar image

Three months ago I installed the Python Shade module on a CentOS 7.1 server to be able to create OpenStack instances in a Juno development environment with Ansible. It was a mix of standards RPM packages (EPEL, CentOS and OpenStack Juno) and pip install commands.

Last month, I needed to build a new development platform and I was unable to install and get Shade working: multiple dependency problems occured. Even after solving these problems, Shade displayed strange errors (bad characters used, etc).

As I'm still not finding a solution to build my new development platform, I'm very worried about building a production grade platform in these conditions.

As I'm not a Python expert, it seems to me that RPM Python packages and pip install commands don't play together nicely and installing Shade becomes incredibly difficult.

How do you proceed when installing Shade in a CentOS 7 Juno/Mitaka environment (production platform will be on Mitaka)?

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