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How to create management network for tacker ?

asked 2017-01-11 00:33:48 -0500

abhilash-goyal gravatar image

I have Devstack Single Node (Mitaka version) installed with tacker component enabled. Many documents talks about the Tacker Management Network through which it provisions the VNFs it had spawned, enable or disable the functionality of VNF. Can anyone help me how to create this management network.

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answered 2017-01-26 15:49:18 -0500

I work with a manually installed environment for testing, but at the end I guess it's a matter of ensuring your VNFD files specify a connection (CPx) with 'management: true', where its virtual link (VLx) connects to the same network where tacker/controller has a connected interface as well.

In my test environments, I use the provider (external) network also for VNF management; my controller VM has a layer 3 interface connected to that network so Tacker can reach the VNFs.

Related to Devstack, there's some material you may find useful here, including a Devstack+Tacker working environment:


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