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TripleO Rebuild Controller

asked 2017-01-10 03:06:21 -0500

nuriel77 gravatar image


Having a 3-controllers HA setup, say one of the controller's harddrive gets wiped, I understand I can use ironic to rebuild the node? Is that the right procedure?

Although, when I do that (rebuild node with Ironic) I get a non-valid /etc/hosts file created on the recovered node: (Note the \n characters)

# HEAT_HOSTS_START - Do not edit manually within this section!      overcloud-controller-0.localdomain      overcloud-controller-0        overcloud-controller-0.external.localdomain     overcloud-controller-0.external      overcloud-controller-0.internalapi.localdomain  overcloud-controller-0.internalapi      overcloud-controller-0.storagemgmt.localdomain  overcloud-controller-0.storagemgmt      overcloud-controller-0.tenant.localdomain       overcloud-controller-0.tenant      overcloud-controller-0.ctlplane.localdomain     overcloud-controller-0.ctlplane
\n172.16.2.5    overcloud-controller-1.localdomain      overcloud-controller-1        overcloud-controller-1.external.localdomain     overcloud-controller-1.external      overcloud-controller-1.internalapi.localdomain  overcloud-controller-1.internalapi      overcloud-controller-1.storagemgmt.localdomain  overcloud-controller-1.storagemgmt     overcloud-controller-1.tenant.localdomain       overcloud-controller-1.tenant       overcloud-controller-1.ctlplane.localdomain     overcloud-controller-1.ctlplane
\n172.16.2.12   overcloud-controller-2.localdomain      overcloud-controller-2       overcloud-controller-2.external.localdomain     overcloud-controller-2.external     overcloud-controller-2.internalapi.localdomain  overcloud-controller-2.internalapi     overcloud-controller-2.storagemgmt.localdomain  overcloud-controller-2.storagemgmt     overcloud-controller-2.tenant.localdomain       overcloud-controller-2.tenant       overcloud-controller-2.ctlplane.localdomain     overcloud-controller-2.ctlplane

In addition, after fixing this I notice I do not have a /root/.my.cnf and that causes problems with galera. I copy it manually from one of the other controllers, but pcs status reports:

* galera_promote_0 on overcloud-controller-0 'unknown error' (1): call=57, status=complete, exitreason='Failed initial monitor action',

Any help on this is most welcome.

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answered 2017-03-23 12:00:25 -0500

nuriel77 gravatar image

I traced the extra \n character to be coming from the TripleO template: (

When I replace '\n' with "\n" there are no extra unwanted \n characters appearing in /etc/hosts. Anyway, this is no longer an issue in Ocata.

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