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Unable to upload image into Glance(OpenStack+XenServer)

asked 2017-01-04 00:27:11 -0500

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I have installed OpenStack Using Mirantis Fuel 9.0 and Xenserver is my Hypervisor. My Environment is Single Physical XenServer(32GB RAM, 500GB HDD, single NIC) Installed Master Node as VM (6GB RAM, 100GB HDD, 3 VLAN) Installed Slave 2 No's Slave 1 - Compute + Cinder(2CPU, 2GB RAM, 150GB HDD, 3VLAN) Slavce 2 - Compute (4CPU, 8GB RAM, 150GB HDD, 3VLAN)

Deployed Openstack successfully and i can able to access dashboard and able to launch an instance using TestVM. But i couldn't able to launch my customized image(Image type Qcow2, VHD, OVA, Raw).

Error Link -

I need your help on this..

Thanks in Adavance

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answered 2017-01-04 01:27:33 -0500

The title of your post is grossly misleading. Anyway, "no valid host was found" means that no compute host was able to run your instance. The scheduler log may contain details. If not, enable DEBUG logging, launch the instance, check the log again. It will tell you which filters reject the hosts.

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answered 2017-01-04 01:30:14 -0500

By the way, "Image type Qcow2, VHD, OVA, Raw" doesn't make sense. Qcow2 and VHD are image formats, OVA and Raw are container formats. You can only have one image format and one container format, and usually the only container format that works is bare (though OVA has some support now).

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