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Hi all

Unsuccessfully I already tried a lot of different network configuration to achieve the following configuration with openstack:

  • I have one linux host with RHEL 6.5 and openstack installed
  • this host has one network interface eth0 with a public ip address (
  • There is a route configured that routes all traffic of a public network ( to that interface eth0 (

The picture / schema show that situation graphically:

image description

So far so good, but now the ultimate question: How can I ensure that all guest systems can have a public IP address and can communicate directly with the Internet?

=> A client in the internet should be able to e.g. ping directly without nat or snat or whatever (red path in the picture)

Basically what is missing is the part with the red box and the question mark. What do I need there? A linux-bridge? A OVS flat provider network? an openstack router? And how do I configure that??

I'm glad about every input!

best regards Darkwave

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