Openstack CLI gives error 'object has no attribute 'keys' when using 'show' operation for port, network, etc.

asked 2016-12-24 09:40:39 -0600

nkiran gravatar image

For example: (openstack) port show <id> 'Port' object has no attribute 'keys'

(openstack) network show <id> 'Network' object has no attribute 'keys'

Is this an issue with the CLI or is there a configuration or installation problem?

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answered 2016-12-25 21:00:59 -0600

silently gravatar image
openstack --debug network show ......

you will get more valuable information .

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answered 2018-02-08 00:02:06 -0600

bonzo gravatar image

I had a similar error that I was able to fix by installing some of the python-client packages (whereas I previously only had the python3-client packages. Installing these:

apt install python-cinderclient python-glanceclient python-heatclient python-keystoneclient python-neutronclient python-novaclient python-openstackclient

pulled in 55 new packages (dependencies) so I don't know which one specifically fixed my problem.

Here was my original error:

$ openstack --debug subnet show 655e977c-c333-4ff7-bdca-15ea1465086d
START with options: ['--debug', 'subnet', 'show', '655e977c-c333-4ff7-bdca-15ea1465086d']
options: Namespace(access_token_endpoint='', auth_type='', auth_url='', cacert='', client_id='', client_secret='***', cloud='', debug=True, default_domain='default', deferred_help=False, domain_id='', domain_name='', endpoint='', identity_provider='', identity_provider_url='', insecure=None, interface='', log_file=None, os_compute_api_version='', os_identity_api_version='', os_image_api_version='1', os_network_api_version='', os_object_api_version='', os_project_id=None, os_project_name=None, os_volume_api_version='', password='***', project_domain_id='', project_domain_name='', project_id='17923f4c8d814ee6b146ec7dc861bc86', project_name='admin', protocol='', region_name='regionOne', scope='', service_provider_endpoint='', timing=False, token='***', trust_id='', url='', user_domain_id='', user_domain_name='', user_id='', username='admin', verbose_level=3, verify=None)
defaults: {'image_api_use_tasks': False, 'volume_api_version': '2', 'secgroup_source': 'neutron', 'key_manager_api_version': 'v1', 'key': None, 'disable_vendor_agent': {}, 'identity_api_version': '2.0', 'api_timeout': None, 'auth_type': 'password', 'metering_api_version': '2', 'image_api_version': '2', 'dns_api_version': '2', 'orchestration_api_version': '1', 'image_format': 'qcow2', 'database_api_version': '1.0', 'floating_ip_source': 'neutron', 'compute_api_version': '2', 'verify': True, 'cacert': None, 'interface': None, 'baremetal_api_version': '1', 'container_api_version': '1', 'network_api_version': '2', 'cert': None, 'object_store_api_version': '1'}
cloud cfg: {'image_api_use_tasks': False, 'verbose_level': 3, 'volume_api_version': '2', 'secgroup_source': 'neutron', 'key': None, 'region_name': 'regionOne', 'disable_vendor_agent': {}, 'identity_api_version': '2.0', 'api_timeout': None, 'timing': False, 'debug': True, 'interface': None, 'metering_api_version': '2', 'deferred_help': False, 'dns_api_version': '2', 'orchestration_api_version': '1', 'auth': {'project_id': '17923f4c8d814ee6b146ec7dc861bc86', 'auth_url': '', 'username': 'admin', 'password': '***', 'project_name': 'admin'}, 'image_format': 'qcow2', 'default_domain': 'default', 'key_manager_api_version': 'v1', 'image_api_version': '1', 'floating_ip_source': 'neutron', 'verify': True, 'cacert': None, 'auth_type': 'password', 'compute_api_version': '2', 'baremetal_api_version': '1', 'container_api_version': '1', 'object_store_api_version': '1', 'network_api_version': '2', 'cert': None, 'database_api_version': '1.0'}
volume API version 2, cmd group openstack.volume.v2
network API version 2, cmd group
image API version 1, cmd group openstack.image.v1
object_store API version 1, cmd group openstack.object_store.v1
compute API version 2, cmd group openstack.compute.v2
identity API version 2.0, cmd group openstack.identity.v2
command: subnet show ->
Auth plugin password selected
auth_type: password
Using auth plugin: password
Using parameters {'project_id': '17923f4c8d814ee6b146ec7dc861bc86', 'auth_url': '', 'username': 'admin', 'password': '***', 'project_name': 'admin'}
Get auth_ref
REQ: curl -g -i -X GET -H "Accept: application/json" -H "User-Agent: python-openstackclient keystoneauth1/2.4.1 python-requests/2.9.1 CPython/3.5.2"
Starting new HTTPS connection (1):
"GET /v2.0 HTTP/1.1" 200 340
RESP: [200] Content-Type: application/json Vary: X-Auth-Token Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2018 03:51:48 GMT X-Openstack-Request-Id: req-763229b4-4efe-408c-ae9f-ad78e805a7d3 Content-Length: 340 
RESP BODY: {"version": {"status": "stable", "updated": "2014-04-17T00:00:00Z", "media-types": [{"base": "application/json", "type": "application/vnd.openstack.identity-v2.0+json"}], "id": "v2.0", "links": [{"href": "", "rel": "self"}, {"href": "", "type": "text/html", "rel": "describedby"}]}}

Making authentication request to
"POST /v2 ...
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