all requests to old files 404 after extending volume size in Swift SAIO [closed]

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We have a Swift SAIO installation on one of our servers. It is to store all the user uploaded files from a small internal app we developed. It works all fine until one of our ops tried to extend the swift loop volume this afternoon.

What he did is to stop swift, copy everything to a temp directory, truncate the loop file, remake the xfs, mount and copy files back.

After restarting swift, requests to every file that uploaded before became 404, but you can still list the files. The newly uploaded files are fine.

[root@host-10-20-4-44 swift]# curl -X GET -H "X-Auth-Token: AUTH_tkd6b685264d0846e2acb9cf76dd0515e8"
[root@host-10-20-4-44 swift]# curl -X GET -H "X-Auth-Token: AUTH_tkd6b685264d0846e2acb9cf76dd0515e8"
<html><h1>Not Found</h1><p>The resource could not be found.</p></html>[root@host-10-20-4-44 swift]#

The Swift version is "2.9.1.dev164", os is centos 7, and we followed ( to set up a saio environment.

[root@host-10-20-4-44 swift]# curl
{"bulk_delete": {"max_failed_deletes": 1000, "max_deletes_per_request": 10000}, "versioned_writes": {}, "container_quotas": {}, "crossdomain": {}, "swift": {"max_file_size": 5368709122, "account_listing_limit": 10000, "account_autocreate": true, "max_meta_count": 90, "max_meta_value_length": 256, "container_listing_limit": 10000, "extra_header_count": 0, "max_meta_overall_size": 4096, "version": "2.9.1.dev164", "max_meta_name_length": 128, "max_header_size": 8192, "policies": [{"default": true, "name": "gold", "aliases": "gold"}, {"name": "silver", "aliases": "silver"}, {"name": "ec42", "aliases": "ec42"}], "max_object_name_length": 1024, "max_account_name_length": 256, "strict_cors_mode": true, "allow_account_management": true, "max_container_name_length": 256}, "tempurl": {"outgoing_remove_headers": ["x-object-meta-*"], "incoming_remove_headers": ["x-timestamp"], "incoming_allow_headers": [], "methods": ["GET", "HEAD", "PUT", "POST", "DELETE"], "outgoing_allow_headers": ["x-object-meta-public-*"]}, "bulk_upload": {"max_failed_extractions": 1000, "max_containers_per_extraction": 10000}, "container_sync": {"realms": {"SAIO": {"clusters": {"SAIO_ENDPOINT": {"current": true}}}}}, "ratelimit": {"account_ratelimit": 0.0, "max_sleep_time_seconds": 60.0, "container_ratelimits": [], "container_listing_ratelimits": []}, "slo": {"max_manifest_segments": 1000, "min_segment_size": 1, "max_manifest_size": 2097152}, "account_quotas": {}, "staticweb": {}, "tempauth": {"account_acls": true}}

Any idea? Can we recover the files? Thanks!

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