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I am using latest kolla code to deploy my AIO openstack and enabled cloudkitty.

I created 2 flavor and image_id hashmaps for compute service, when adding a new instance, I can see the price tab works fine:

image description

Then, I created 2 instances with different price. After 1 hour(although I've changed period to 900 seconds), I go to check horizon's /project/rating/ and /project/reporting/, there is no data.

If use python client also got not result

# cloudkitty total-get
| Property | Value |
| Total    | 0     |

I checked the mariadb got nothing, too:

SELECT * FROM cloudkitty.rated_data_frames;

Any suggestion to do further debug about no report issue would be appreciated.

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after tracing code, I got the root cause now: I(or kolla) didn't add cloudkitty role to default project "admin"

csj gravatar imagecsj ( 2016-12-23 03:53:21 -0600 )edit