Automatic flavor selection based on available hardware?

asked 2016-12-21 12:09:25 -0500

gomgom gravatar image

Still trying to come up to speed on OpenStack, so the answer to this might be obvious...

Let's assume that an image has two flavors:

  • one based on specific hardware (specific PCI board), optimized, using low CPU core count and memory
  • one based on generic CPU resources, using a higher CPU core count, mem etc...

When instantiating this image, we always want to pick the hardware optimized one, to optimize resource use. But we want to be able to revert to the second image when the first choice is not available.

Is there a pre-defined way to go about this? It seems to me that the nova scheduler filter mechanism is built to answer to only one specific flavor request, but cannot arbitrate between two alternatives? Is it something an admin would have to handle outside Openstack?

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