Plan to use Openstack for supermicro server. Advice appreciated

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Hey all,

So back story !

Joined a new company but since we're light on staff we've been asked to do stuff which is outside our normal field until we fully staff up. For my own part I needed machines/environments for Github on prem,Jenkins,Puppet etc etc. Anyway they purchased some supermicros as infrastructure , and they want me to explore utilising them for creating our own on prem cloud.

For my own part knowing very little about virtulisation we decided on Openstack ( CTO hates VMware and GitHub on prem leaves us with either Openstack / Xen or hyper V).

Anyway the first thing I did was image the server with Centos 7 and went about to use the RDO quickstart guide for installing packstack. I was following this video (for installing packstack) but got into issues with losing connection when trying to set up the OVS bridge ( at ~14 min mark). I ended up just re-imaging the server and kicked off the packstack install before I left the office so should be complete by tomorrow morning allowing me to go forward again

Sorry for the long rant, but essentially I'm just looking for guidance

  • Is openstack right for my what I'm doing ? I imagine no more than say 10 servers ... But if it needed to scale up would i be limited by packstack/openstack ?
  • Would you recommend a better solution than putting down centos 7 as the base ?
  • And finally although I've been reading the documentation and what I can find on youtube, would you
    happen to know any good guides for what I'm trying to achieve ?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated especially in terms of "best practice" going forward

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answered 2016-12-20 02:52:21 -0600

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Personally i think that for 10 Vms there is no need to setup an Openstack cloud. But lets assume that you do. You could set up an Openstack cloud in the hopes that as your company grows you will have the possibility to just add physical machines to the setup and be able to spawn VMs without a lot of fuss. So in about a year you could be managing the 10 Vms for the infra + 20 Vms for your devs from a single UI. that seems more reasonable.

You have to understand however that no matter what you choose there is a considerably steep learning curve to get an openstack cloud working. Having said that It seems that you should take a look at FUEL. It will make some decisions for you but since you are only one person it is really helpful and you can get a cloud up and running

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Thanks for the advice. I'll start looking into FUEL

I guess just for myself and the services we'd only need 10 servers. But we'll be also standing up all the Dev VMs so it could quite easily grow

I completely agree with the steep learning curve but it'll only improve my worth

segaps gravatar imagesegaps ( 2016-12-20 09:29:11 -0600 )edit

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