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heat resource property not assigned for nested template

asked 2016-12-18 12:11:33 -0500

Ananda Chintalapati gravatar image

I am testing nested templates by following some of blogs. The following is the snippet from the heat template. When I execute the template, I am getting the error "ERROR: Failed to validate: : : Property network not assigned". the network template, private_network.yaml, is working fine if I execute it alone.

What could be the issue with this template

    type: private_network.yaml
      public_network: { get_param: public_network }
      private_net_name: { get_param: private_net_name }
      private_net_cidr: { get_param: private_net_cidr }
      private_net_gateway: { get_param: private_net_gateway }
      private_net_pool_start: { get_param: private_net_pool_start }
      private_net_pool_end: { get_param: private_net_pool_end }
      dns: { get_param: dns }

    type: OS::Heat::ResourceGroup
      count: { get_param: server_count }
          type: OS::Nova::Server
            name: node
            image: { get_param: image }
            flavor: { get_param: flavor }
            key_name: { get_param: key_name }
              - network: { get_attr: [network, name] }

error  : heatclient.exc.HTTPBadRequest: ERROR: Failed to validate: : : Property network not assigned
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2 answers

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answered 2017-07-17 10:07:04 -0500

Lance Haig gravatar image

Not having seen you network template I would say that your network template does not have an output named name.

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answered 2016-12-21 09:20:03 -0500

zaneb gravatar image

updated 2017-08-02 12:02:15 -0500

On the face of it, it looks like the template private_network.yaml contains a parameter named "network" and you're not passing a value for it. It would be easier to say for sure if you also posted private_network.yaml.

There's also a bug where errors of this type might not properly identify where in the template they occurred. Again, without seeing private_network.yaml it's hard to know.

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