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How to check which keystone version is being used in devstack install

asked 2016-12-15 00:31:27 -0500

sanjana gravatar image

I have installed devstack on ubuntu 14.04 recently. I have enabled the monasca-api and monasca-log management plugin with it. Monasca specifically needs keystone v3. How can I check which version of keystone is being used? Currently when i try to access monasca services I Get 503:Service unavailable error

ERROR (exc:80) exception: {"message": "The server is currently unavailable. Please try again at a later time.<br /><br />\n\n\n", "code": "503 Service Unavailable", "title": "Service Unavailable"}

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answered 2016-12-15 01:18:14 -0500

@sanjana >> check what version your devstack has by "keystone --version" and later check compatablity of monasca, if it's up-level like (v3), then you can manually updgrade all api in devstack to v3, if else will misconfig ll happen

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keystone version is 3.4.1 Monasca needs v3 version of keystone. So i don't understand why there is an issue in accessing the service

sanjana gravatar imagesanjana ( 2016-12-15 02:35:59 -0500 )edit

How can i start or restart the keystone service? I don't have the keystone-all binary.

sanjana gravatar imagesanjana ( 2017-01-04 03:23:28 -0500 )edit

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