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getting a blank console after launching an instance

asked 2016-12-13 12:17:56 -0500

lpaul gravatar image

I'm getting a blank console after launching an instance. This is openstack newton installed manually from RDO openstack. I've tried creating instance from different images such as cirros, rhel, ubuntu but get the same result. It either shows a blank screen and says" Connected(unencrypted) to: QEMU (instance -xxx). It would be great if someone could shed some light here.

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answered 2016-12-16 10:59:37 -0500

volenbovsky gravatar image

Most likely you just need to press the hyperlink in Horizon which says something like 'open console in new window'. And well, press 'enter'... I am not sure the reason of such Horizon's behavior, but I remember that usually 'window in window' stuff that you get when you click 'open console' works in a bit weird way

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answered 2018-08-07 06:49:46 -0500

yasin lachiny gravatar image

try diffrent version of ubuntu it is helpful for me

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