Mitaka version installed is showing version 14 for nova

asked 2016-12-08 22:40:59 -0600

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We are bringing up Mitaka version for our testing.
However, after installing the version for nova is showing up as 14 instead of the expected version 13 (as per release notes)

Below are some details

> [root@olive ~]# cat
> /etc/centos-release CentOS Linux
> release 7.2.1511 (Core) [root@olive
> ~]# [root@olive ~]# rpm -qa | grep -i
> -e nova -e mitaka -e newton openstack-nova-api-14.0.0-1.el7.noarch
> openstack-nova-common-14.0.0-1.el7.noarch
> openstack-nova-novncproxy-14.0.0-1.el7.noarch
> openstack-nova-scheduler-14.0.0-1.el7.noarch
> openstack-nova-compute-14.0.0-1.el7.noarch
> rdo-release-newton-4.noarch
> openstack-nova-console-14.0.0-1.el7.noarch
> python-nova-14.0.0-1.el7.noarch
> centos-release-openstack-mitaka-1-5.el7.noarch
> python2-novaclient-6.0.0-1.el7.noarch
> openstack-nova-conductor-14.0.0-1.el7.noarch
> [root@olive ~]# nova-manage --version
> 14.0.0 [root@olive ~]#

The preinstall and install scripts used are attached.( i am trying to attach, but it seems i need 10 points to attach and this is my first post :-)

Any hints on what went wrong in the install and steps to rectify.

We are using the install steps from the page : official openstack page.

Thanks, satya

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answered 2016-12-10 16:26:17 -0600

volenbovsky gravatar image

Hi, so that is CentOS and to have Mitaka repo used/Newton repo disabled yum install centos-release-openstack-mitaka yum-config-manager --disable centos-release-openstack-newton are needed

Considering that you have installed - packages from Newton - I think it is better to remove them first

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