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Create flavor to take space from volumes

asked 2016-12-07 12:39:02 -0500

cristhiannunez gravatar image

Hi Everyone,

I have many flavors in my openstack cloud. These flavors have GB assigned and when i launch a VMs with one of this flavors. The space of Root Disk or Ephemeral Disk, is taken from the compute free space. I would like to create a flavor where it takes the space directly from my volumes where i have a lot of space.

For instance, if i have 80gb of root space into my compute and 20TB of volumes, when i launch the VM it take space from the 80GB.

The way i had to do to solve this was put 0GB in every flavor and manually assign the volume when i create the VM which is no a very good practice

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance

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answered 2016-12-07 18:05:02 -0500

updated 2016-12-08 00:19:50 -0500

Flavors define ephemeral storage, not block storage. On the other hand, block storage is limited by quota, and users can be billed for it just like they can be billed for flavors.

Try running nova boot --block-device source=image,id=*imageid*,dest=volume without providing a specific volume.

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answered 2016-12-09 07:40:12 -0500

cristhiannunez gravatar image

Hi, Thanks for response.

Absolutely, what i was looking for, is not definitively implemented yet. A fact, is a spec started in newton openstack to develop. Here is the link i found. ( (


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