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devide resources in openstack

asked 2016-12-06 06:20:46 -0500

oslab gravatar image

I implement a cloud by openstack. If I have a 20 GB RAM as total cloud Memory and make a flavor with 20G RAM (Just an example :-) ), is it possible to give instances with this flavor to 10 people or just one person?

Actually I want to find a way to use the free resources, when existing instances don't use their max resources. There is this flexibility? is this idea reasonable ??!!

The second question is, there is any way to increase resources automatically when an instance needs?

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answered 2016-12-07 06:44:33 -0500

Bipin gravatar image

If you have 20GB of memory, you cannot use full. Because hypervisor will reserve some memory for OS layer. Rest you can use. And for your question, if you have 20GB and you have a flavor of 20GB memory, yes only one person can use it, i mean you can deploy only one virtual machine using that flavor, unless you over committ the memory factor.

When existing instance is not using the resource, the hypervisor will manage to get the resource and distribute to the instance who need it. This idea is happening through a virtio corridor and called Ballooning

There is a way in openstack for Autoscaling the resources. Read the project here

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