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Hey guys.. so to summarize.. I have been able to get past this and launched instances without any problem. But the WARNING stevedore.named [-] Could not load neutron.agent.linux.interface.OVSInterfaceDriver still persists, unfortunatelly I have not been able to figure out the reason for this.

Anyway there obviously must have been something wrong with the configuration of our compute node. When I verify now that both neutron.conf and nova.conf (still on the compute node) have all necessary stuff (especially transport_url) in their [DEFAULT] configuration.. it all works well.

My compute uses:

Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS 
neutron-common 2:8.3.0-0ubuntu1.1
neutron-openvswitch-agent 2:8.3.0-0ubuntu1.1
nova-common 2:13.1.2-0ubuntu2
nova-compute 2:13.1.2-0ubuntu2