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I believe OVSInterfaceDriver is needed by all those parts of OpenStack that need to plug a port into an Openvswitch bridge, such as router ports, DHCP ports, instance ports etc. If the driver is not avaible, I would guess Networking is basically disabled.

You need to find out why the driver can't be loaded. Check for a file named .../neutron/agent/linux/ and whether it contains a class named OVSInterfaceDriver. Where this file is located depends on how you installed OpenStack. The easiest way to find it is a brute-force find on the network node.

If you don't have the OVSInterfaceDriver class, probably something went wrong with the installation. If you have it, perhaps it's at the wrong location. Use debug logging and see if there are other messages around the stevedore warning that might give you a clue.