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I am trying to use the glance-replicator command as described by larsks but i am getting the error explained below. I am wondering whether glance-replicator actually works anymore?

$ glance-replicator  compare glancemaster:9292 -M $MASTERTOKEN glanceslave:9292 -S $SLAVETOKEN
usage: glance-replicator [-h] [--chunksize CHUNKSIZE] [--config-dir DIR]
                         [--config-file PATH] [--debug]
                         [--dontreplicate DONTREPLICATE]
                         [--log-config-append PATH]
                         [--log-date-format DATE_FORMAT] [--log-dir LOG_DIR]
                         [--log-file PATH] [--log-format FORMAT]
                         [--mastertoken MASTERTOKEN] [--metaonly] [--nodebug]
                         [--nometaonly] [--nouse-syslog]
                         [--nouse-syslog-rfc-format] [--noverbose]
                         [--slavetoken SLAVETOKEN]
                         [--syslog-log-facility SYSLOG_LOG_FACILITY]
                         [--token TOKEN] [--use-syslog]
                         [--use-syslog-rfc-format] [--verbose] [--version]
                         [command] [args]
glance-replicator: error: unrecognized arguments: glanceslave:9292