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Hi, 1. you can't aggregate RAM (or CPU) from several Compute Hosts. There are no known SW/hypervisors/VM managers/anything that will allow you to have RAM or CPU as resource pooled/shared so that one VM can use such resources from several different physical/virtual servers.

Disaggregation of CPU/RAM will come with things Intel RackScale Architecture but in that case actually OpenStack (and eg. KVM/QEMU) is not too much in focus according to my understanding

One way to think about that the CPU/RAM of your OS/processes should be really in 'one physical place', and even having it 'slightly in other place like other socket will have penalty (see NUMA), but having that 'span' several servers require a whola different bandwidth

  1. Apparently that is ' No compute service record found for host compute-node2' from log See nova service-list and see if nova-compute is there...