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When attempting to install openstack on a pair of VMs, I came across a bug that would prevent VM instances from launching. It shows up as no such option in group neutron: auth_plugin.

It was eventually traced back to a bug in neutron that had been fixed, but the fix hadn't been propigated back to my version yet.

It links to the following bug report:

Which shows this fix:

The fix, which I was able to apply manually to my version (CentOS 7-1511, openstack-nova 13.1.0), is in (/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/)nova/network/neutronv2/ (or maybe :119). Both instances of 'plugin' should be changed to 'type'. This fix needs to be applied to each compute node (I think) and then the nova compute service needs to be restarted. This should prevent a crash and allow neutron to continue on through its logic.