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I havent read the installation documents you refer to, and I am wondering if I am misunderstanding you in some way, since my answer would be: Of course you can! Every component can be installed on its own node. Swift, Cinder, Neutron, etc. And then you install lots of them for scalability and redundancy. If you're using RDO packstack as an installation method, then sure, there are several issues/limitations with that mechanism and I've more or less given up that concept, because of all the surprises I've gotten in the past.

My current choice is using my own modified version of, which I use to create a 9-node cloud, with a controller, 3 compute, 2 neutrons, and 3 storage nodes(running both cinder and swift).

The controller is running all the api services of course, so the multiple neutron nodes will be used for running the dhcp and l3 agents, as well has handling vxlan tunneling with OVS. I dont use any DVR(yet), but using multiple nodes will give me some redundancy if I have hardware failures on a single neutron node.