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I work currently on Contrail SDN which is the SDN solutions of Juniper. this solution is built on OpenStakc so you have a native integration of both SW. You can install Contrail SW on top of an existing OpenStack environment or just use the Contrail Cloud SW that provides SDN and OpenStack in the same installation.

The product is quite simple to install, configure and administrate. There are only two major components in Contrail, Controller and vRouter. During the installation you just have to put all your environment topology in a python script, to assign roles you want to give to your different nodes and just install the solution.

I had a lookt to VMWare NSX and CISCO ACI, and the 3 solutions are different. It can depends also on your needs.

Also, if you want to have a quick SDN environment in a lab config, you have t ochoose Contrail, that can be installed in a sigle Node, rather than NSX needs at least 3 physical servers, and Cisco, how to say....... a complete rack of physical devices !!!!!