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packstack --gen-answer-file=my-answer-file.txt

Answer file will look like this (excerpt only!! file is really long):

# Path to a public key to install on servers. If a usable key has not
# been installed on the remote servers, the user is prompted for a
# password and this key is installed so the password will not be
# required again.

# Default password to be used everywhere (overridden by passwords set
# for individual services or users).

# The amount of service workers/threads to use for each service.
# Useful to tweak when you have memory constraints. Defaults to the
# amount of cores on the system.

# Specify 'y' to install MariaDB. ['y', 'n']

Once you change this to no (if you run packstack you can do interactive as well), you can run your packstack answer file and it will only attempt to login to db and create dbs for services....