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Thank you for your response! I have solved the problem today, It's not a conspicuous error.

First of all, I can ping my controller from compute node successfully, and all the settings are right. After reading the nova-compute.log again and again, I found that neutron service get the similar error as glance. I started to think that the error was not in the glance but in basic settings. Finally, the error was in rabbitmq.service and firewall. It seems that firewall will make rabbitmq.service failed. It's interesting that though I closed the firewall, started the rabbitmq.service successfully in the beginning, restart the firewall, and checked the rabbitmq.service working well again. As firewall keep working, the rabbitmq.service failed even if its status was running. So, I closed my firewall, restart the rabbitmq.service, and didn't restart the firewall. The result was great, I successfully create the VM!