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As per my understanding, You would need atleast 2 Interfaces of Bare Metal node ( One for IPMI and another NIC interface ). If you Look at the Architecture of Ironic. The Ironic conductor is what does the heavy lifting. It is responsible for the powering on and off of hardware, and the actual provisioning and decommissioning of instances onto the hardware. Ironic also has some other dependancies, such as PXE, DHCP, NPB, TFTP, and IMPI

image description

You can refer pdf doc from Fujitsu

Drivers Provides interface between Ironic and baremetal nodes. Default diver controls nodes with IPMI. Hardware vendors implement their own drivers to provide improved performance and additional functions For Example : - iRMC driver (Fujitsu) - iLO driver (HP) - DRAC driver (Dell)

It works like 1. Ironic powers on a baremetal node using a driver 2. The baremetal node gets a deployment image 3. The deployment image configures iSCSI target 4. Ironic copies a user OS image to the baremetal node 5. Ironic reboots the baremetal node 6. The baremetal is booted by the user image image description


You can also refer this good article from Intel