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Hi Oreily,

Thank for your response, Can you please guide me what part of the code. Actually I want to change the type of the port , So I have changed in file nova/network/ on function

def _create_ovs_vif_cmd(bridge, dev, iface_id, mac, instance_id, interface_type=None): cmd = ['--', '--if-exists', 'del-port', dev, '--', 'add-port', bridge, dev, '--', 'set', 'Interface', dev,"type=fpaphy" 'external-ids:iface-id=%s' % iface_id, 'external-ids:iface-status=active', 'external-ids:attached-mac=%s' % mac, 'external-ids:vm-uuid=%s' % instance_id] if interface_type: cmd += ['type=%s' % interface_type]

return cmd

but When I create instance this the tap is not being added with fpaphy. It seems from somewhere else port is being added. Please guide me.

Thanks devesh